Depression & Bipolar Disorder Resources

Advocacy and Support Groups for Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

(800) 826-3632
A national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with mood disorders. ***For family and friends: click on Recovery Steps and in that article you will find a section called “The Five Stages of Recovery.” There are specific suggestions for family and friends in each stage of recovery.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill

(800) 950-NAMI
A national nonprofit advocacy group to help people with mental illness; their website includes information specific to bipolar disorder and information on state and local affiliates.

Additional Online Resources for Bipolar Disorder

Yahoo Health Depression Center

National Institute of Mental Health Booklet on Bipolar Disorder
**** I highly recommend this site. ****

McMan’s Depression and Bipolar Web

Bipolar Significant Others
**** Great for family and friends. ****

Mayo Clinic Mental Health Center Information on Bipolar Disorder

Guide to Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar World
**** This site has a range of chat rooms. ****

Robert D. Sutherland Center for the Evaluation and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder – CU Boulder
phone: 303.492.5680

*Please make contact with me if you are looking for information on treatment centers.