Personal Growth

This area can include a range of issues, but below are the most common issues people struggle with and bring to counseling. These issues are often called “problems with daily living” because they are typical to so many of us. Counseling can allow you to explore how past experiences impact how you live in the present. For example, finding “your own voice” and separating from your parents is a big step that can lead to a sense of freedom and liberation. Working on yourself in this area can lead to improvement in all areas of your life.

These are some of the common issues:
  • relationship issues: interpersonal conflicts due to communication difficulties, ambivalence in relationships and co-dependency
  • conflict with parents, significant others, colleagues, coaches, brothers or sisters
  • career counseling for those changing careers or uncertain about career choice
  • clarification and development of a healthy identity and sense of self
  • low self-esteem as manifested by being involved in unhealthy relationships, poor self-care, performing below ability level, suffering from chronic self-doubt and/or self-criticism
  • general stress management
  • work-related stress and conflict within the workplace
  • parent-child issues
  • trying to develop balance in life with all the demands – family, job, training for a sport, etc.
  • improving and developing one’s spiritual life
  • weight normalization

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Every journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.

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