Psychological Conditions

It is common that people with psychological conditions have lost hope in their ability to change. Depending on how long a particular issue has gone on, dealing with this form of adversity can be devastating and life altering. My approach is to use state of the art methods to build a therapeutic relationship that allows you to develop a sense of hope that your life can change. By taking small steps you will believe that change is not only possible, but that you may be able to live in a way that is beyond your expectations.

Below are examples of conditions I treat:
  • extreme sadness, depression or clinical conditions like: cyclothymia, dysthymia or bipolar disorder (Bipolar disorder is a condition I frequently work with in my practice.)
  • recovery from the loss of a family member, friend or pet
  • treatment for addiction to drugs, alcohol, prescription medication
  • treatment for what is called a dual diagnosis – someone who has an addiction to drugs/alcohol and a mental illness like depression
  • treatment of anxiety and the experience of panic attacks
  • treatment of insomnia
  • coping with trauma (i.e. car accidents) and symptoms related to experiencing abuse (physical, sexual or emotional) at any stage over the lifespan
  • general sense of worthlessness, being overly self-critical and feeling lonely
  • dealing with issues related to parents and siblings
  • relationship difficulties (i.e. personal, work related or your children’s teachers/coaches)
  • learning to deal effectively with aging parents
  • coping with someone who has a drug or alcohol addiction (when you are what they call the co-alcoholic)

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There are blessings, many blessings that can come from an illness like depression or physical injury that leads to a lifelong battle with chronic pain. In the midst of the darkness and the waves of despair that crash upon the shores of your consciousness, somehow you will find a place deep inside that speaks to you. This voice (light) will guide you through the perils of the healing process so that you ultimately become the person you always wanted to be.

~ Doug Jowdy, Ph.D.