Apolo Anton Ohno, 8x Winter Olympian Medal Winner

My journey with Doug Jowdy started when I was first blooming in my quest for excellence during my Olympic pursuit. A young, hungry and determined athlete – I was looking for ways outside of the normal physical spectrum of training to take my performances to levels that I’d not even think were possible. Often times we are faced with our own internal struggles and conflict, but understanding, and finally confronting them was a part of process towards a mentality of having “Zero Regrets.” Doug opened my eyes and in turn, helped me change my outlook on sport, business, and most importantly life. My “If’s, could have’s, would have’s and should have’s” were all replaced with “Yes, Can’s, Will’s, opportunities, and of course the everlasting mantra that remains true: “Zero Regrets.” It goes without saying that with the time spent with Doug – it was the spark that really drove me towards many Olympic Medals, World Championships, all the while allowing me to understand why I was so in love with Olympic Games, and sports.