My journey with Doug Jowdy started when I was first blooming in my quest for excellence during my Olympic pursuit. A young, hungry and determined athlete – I was looking for ways outside of the normal physical spectrum of training to take my performances to levels that I’d not even think were possible. Often times we are faced with our own internal struggles and conflict, but understanding, and finally confronting them was a part of process towards a mentality of having “Zero Regrets.” Doug opened my eyes and in turn, helped me change my outlook on sport, business, and most importantly life. My “If’s, could have’s, would have’s and should have’s” were all replaced with “Yes, Can’s, Will’s, opportunities, and of course the everlasting mantra that remains true: “Zero Regrets.” It goes without saying that with the time spent with Doug – it was the spark that really drove me towards many Olympic Medals, World Championships, all the while allowing me to understand why I was so in love with Olympic Games, and sports.

Apolo Anton Ohno
Olympics 2002, Salt Lake City – Gold and Silver Medal
Olympics 2006, Turin – Gold and 2 Bronze Medals
Olympics 2010, Vancouver – Silver and 2 Bronze Medals

Doug had a great influence on the skaters and coaches, handing them the tools and giving them the capabilities to deal with distractions and to stay focused in any situation, be it in training or in the midst of the frenzy of the Olympic Games. Doug really helped optimize the skaters working together. Because inherently within an individual sport, training together and at the same time competing against one another creates stress. Doug did a great job of helping the skaters look beyond that, and got them to work together to achieve a higher level of performance through working together, than they could have individually.

Bart Schouten
Former U.S. Olympic Long Track Speed Skating Coach
Coached skaters that have won 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze Medals skating World and Olympic Records.

I first got to know Doug whilst working as the assistant coach at the Colorado rapids in 2010. I invited him to speak to the players and was very impressed with his ideas, manner and methods while addressing the group. In most professional sports the difference between winning and losing can be a very small margin as teams are often evenly matched, so in an attempt to create an extra winning edge, we did a lot of extra position specific work with the players and also asked Doug to work individually with some of the players too. I honestly believe that this extra effort played its part in helping a group of talented young athletes fulfill there potential by winning against the odds the MLS Cup for the first time in the franchises history that year! I also spent a lot of time with Doug working on training methods and coaching styles which I found a great help whilst preparing coaching sessions that hopefully benefit the players. Even though I’m now continuing my coaching career in the UK, I still intend to maintain our working relationship as I believe Doug Jowdy has helped me greatly in my coaching endeavours.

Steve Guppy
Former Assistant Coach – Colorado Rapids
Currently – Sunderland 1st team coach, United Kingdom

Our thirteen year old daughter was experiencing declining performance on the basketball court. She is a competitive basketball player who just wasn’t playing up to her ability and it became exceedingly frustrating for her and for us. She started to struggle with her confidence on the court and had some performance anxiety. We knew that part of the problem came from too much parental pressure and criticism, so we knew we needed help too. We contacted Dr. Jowdy and he helped our daughter learn how to stay focused, stay calm, regain confidence, and simply be in the moment. The tools and techniques he taught her were invaluable, as they not only allowed her to return to playing to her ability, but also allowed her game to reach a new level. She just turned fifteen and finished her freshman year in high school and already has a handful of D1 basketball offers. Dr. Jowdy also helped us, as her parents, be more supportive of her performances in a much healthier and positive way. Dr. Jowdy is a true professional and we couldn’t be more thankful for his help. He is nonjudgemental, kind, warm, and incredibly easy to talk with. So, thanks, Dr. Jowdy for giving our daughter tools for athletic performance success and for improving our relationship with our daughter both on and off the court.

Parents of a young athlete

I first came to Doug after I discovered the challenge of ‘competing like you practice’. I had been diving competitively for about 3 years and was starting to show talent that could potentially rank me among the top divers in the nation. Although there was no mistake I had the ability to be great, I somehow managed to screw up my performances during competition on a regular basis. Doug was able to help me understand what was holding me back in competitions, and he showed me new and different ways to focus when it counted the most. Those familiar with the sport of diving will tell you that it is 5% physical ability, and 95% mental ability, which is no mistake. The strategies Doug and I came up with together allowed me to perform in ways I had never been able to before. If not for him, I may not have achieved the high levels of success that I did. After realizing that all along I had been focusing entirely too much on my competitors and not enough on myself, I began to actually enjoy the sport I loved and started the much easier journey of realizing my potential.

2008, 2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier
2009 USA Diving National Champion – Sychro 10 Meter
NCAA Athletic All-American

I have worked as a colleague with Dr. Doug Jowdy for many years. As a sports medicine acupuncturist, many of my patients need the support of a psychologist that understands how to deal with chronic and prolonged injury. And equally important are his skills in coaching the athlete with the enhancement of athletic performance. He has served as a great referral for many of the athletes I work with.

Whitfield Reaves, OMD, Lac
The Acupunture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain
[email protected]

During my early collegiate swimming career, I was at a mental stand still. I had no improvement for a year and half. One summer, I worked with Dr. Jowdy and things turned around drastically the next season! He individualizes techniques and mental exercises for each client. Dr. Jowdy provided me with books, research articles, mental and physical exercises to help me move forward and improve in my career. I had a breakout season with personal bests and varsity records at my University. My experience with Dr. Jowdy was extremely successful and I am incredibly grateful to have been able to work with him. I recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve their mental game!

Annamarie N.
Collegiate Swimmer
NCAA DIII Record Holder
University Varsity Record Holder
NCAA All American
NCAA Academic All American

Sports psychology is a very important — and unfortunately often overlooked — aspect for the success of any aspiring athlete. Having worked with Dr. Jowdy for a number of years now, both for my own training and for the runners I coach, I can say that he is an excellent resource and can provide the necessary mental tools to reach the next level.

David Manthey
Owner/Director, RRCA Certified Coach
Runner’s Edge of the Rockies Marathon Training Programs

Dr. Doug Jowdy has been the best guest speaker we have hosted at Road Runner Sports here in Westminster, CO. His broad experience with all levels of athletes gives him the ability to reach our entire customer base ranging from elite racers to weekend warriors to walkers. We love having him come join us and have customers stop by the store asking when he will be back for another talk. He is a privilege to work with and I highly recommend him to our customers dealing with everything from debilitating injuries to performance anxiety.

Nate Lindskoog
Road Runner Sports, Westminster, CO
Grassroots Marketing Representative
Group Run Coach
Fit Expert

Dr. Doug Jowdy presented a well rounded program to an adult audience on “Drugs and Alcohol Addiction and Mental Illness: Learning Lessons through Adversity.” This program was in the educational series of Second Sundays, the second Sunday of every month at the First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO. These programs are sponsored by the church’s Mental Health Ministry. Dr. Jowdy was professional in his lecture. His Power Point was engaging, and he entertained questions with clarity, understanding and information. He brought his expertise as well as his experience to the subject and therefore also created a safe and welcoming environment in which the audience would open up with their concerns. As the chair of the church’s Mental Health Ministry, as cofounder of the Interfaith Network on Mental Illness of Boulder and Broomfield Counties , and as national chair of the United Church of Christ Mental Illness Network, I endorse the presentations by Dr. Jowdy and will encourage our church to have him return again.

The Rev. Alan Johnson M.Div.
Yale University Divinity School
Co-Director of the Interfaith Network on Mental Illness

After hearing Dr. Jowdy give a dynamic, interactive, passionate presentation in Boulder last year, I invited him to speak to my staff about the newest research in treating dual diagnosis patients. With examples and resources galore, he added a dimension of knowledge to these licensed clinicians (all of whom are also Certified Addictions Counselors) that has served them well as we continue to provide our Intensive Outpatient Programs to adolescents and adults. I would highly recommend Dr. Jowdy as a prepared, knowledgeable and interesting presenter, to lay people or skilled professionals who seek to further their knowledge in the areas of depression, anxiety, substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

Ann Matino, LCSW
Director, Intensive Outpatient Program/CD Services
Centennial Peaks Hospital
[email protected]